• This MX extinguishing system is designed to equip substation tanks of 63 kV to 400 kV and can replace or complement the setup of an off-set tank by allowing the quick flow of the dielectric liquid into the tank as well as the natural quenching of flames, without having to use former pebble beds over gratings.


  • The Extinguishing system is ensured by an assembly of baffles, fitted in the factory.
  • Extinguishing baffles of galvanised sheet metal of 1.5 mm.
  • Grounding system using lugs 752 or 952.
  • Galvanised frames, 5 mm thick with shear webbing.
  • Hidden-junctions between the frames to limit the air passage under the shutters.
  • Galvanised gratings with shear webbing covering the shutters for the circulation of the staff.


  • The MX extinguishing system must be installed by a skilled team accredited by AKHELEC. It is set up on the top of the supporting HEA beams and angle irons after they have been fixed.
  • AKHELEC can handle the entire installation for you, from the measurements to the on-site installation of the equipment.
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