Pure Filter Solutions

Pure® Filter Sock is the most simple and economical way of dealing with contaminated water being
pumped out of manholes, vaults, bunds and retention ponds.

It uses multi stage filtration to remove oil sheen to non-detectable levels and shows an average 99% TSS removal of particles 1 micron and above.

From dirty to clean in one easy process cleans contaminated water as it’s being pumped away. Reduces use of vacuum trucks Reduces carbon footprint Reduces risk of pollution Portable, reusable and recyclable parts. Using our PURE¨ Filter Sock means that you don’t have to take contaminated water away by vacuum truck for cleaning elsewhere.

It also means that you can avoid releasing contaminated water into the environment. Offering both cost savings and a way of reducing vacuum truck usage and pollution risks, our PURE¨ Filter Socks are especially attractive to companies looking to meet environmental requirements without incurring burdensome disposal costs.