Tubular Temporary Storage Bund – For small, medium or large oil filled transformers

  • To keep your worksite clean and pollution free
  • Tubular frame quickly assembled and dismantled.
  • Retention capacity up to 117m3.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Also available in modular version.


  • Supporting frame composed of standard modular elements, multiples of 1.5 m in length:
    – Fixed Height = 600 mm
    – Inside Dimensions of the smallest bund = 1,5 m x 1,5 m
  • Membrane adapted to the dimensions of the frame ordered, equipped with sleeves in which slide the tubular sections and girth straps that attach to the leg.
  • Available in 2 types of membrane: BSTUB “Plus” (high resistance) and BSTUB “Eco” (medium resistance).
  • Extra 30 cm yellow tarpaulin tray at the bottom around its entire periphery in order to increase wind resistance by adding some ballast onto it.
  • Each bund comes with a drain valve 1,5’’ and a safety siphon to evacuate rainwater.


  • Concrete support beams.
  • Load distribution plates.
  • Aluminium walkway to access the transformer inside the bund.
  • Steel grating platform for transformer operation and maintenance.
  • Rolling track to allow a vehicle inside the bund.
  • FILTRELEC ECODESIGN® hydrocarbon filter and prefilter.


  • Possibility of complete installation by one of our teams of trained technicians.
  • Geotextile sheets to be placed under the bund to compensate roughness of the ground.
  • The structure is arranged around the membrane and the tubular sections are slid into the sleeves and assembled to the legs. The legs are then attached to the floor with bolts/pegs.
  • Each side can be mounted separately in order to get inside the bund to deposit material; when driving inside the bund, rolling tracks are necessary to prevent damage to the membrane.
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