Pole Guard

Product Description

Critter Guard’s Pole Guard product is designed to discourage squirrels and other wildlife from climbing up utility poles and gaining access to power lines and other important electrical equipment and subsequently causing power outages.

The Pole Guard kit consists of two plate halves which go around the utility pole. The plate halves, along with the rollers and items included in the Pole Guard kit, prevent wildlife from crawling up the utility pole in the first place, keeping the critters off your power lines and away from other important electrical equipment. Once encountering the plates, the critter is forced to the edge where seven spinning rollers hanging on the plate halves make it difficult for the critter to get past.

A Pole Guard kit is for a single pole. For new transmission/distribution lines and in rural areas to reduce expensive service calls, Critter Guard recommends one Pole Guard kit for each pole. Critter Guard includes options for both wooden power/telecom poles, as well as round steel or concrete power/telecom poles.

Critter Guard’s Pole Guard can also be used around various other types of 250 – 300 mm diameter poles and even select trees as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that the tree will continue to grow (and expand), and you will need to remove the Pole Guard from the tree when the tree gets too large.

For smaller poles, a separate, optional flex tubing and coupling should be purchased to fill gaps between the utility pole and Pole Guard system.

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