Line Guard

Product Description

Critter Guard’s Line Guard product is designed to help protect overhead power, telecom, and fiber optic lines such as electrical transmission and distribution lines, home or business overhead service entrance cables, including triplex, and telephone, cable TV, and fiber cables from squirrels and other wildlife. Many small animals use overhead lines to travel from place to place and can cause damage to your house’s roof, attic, and electrical systems, or cause power outages across a utility system or substation. Keeping your power and communications lines protected and the power on and working properly is Critter Guard’s main goal.

Critter Guard’s Line Guard product protects thousands of homeowners and power utility companies throughout the United States and around the world from animals including squirrels and other rodents, raccoons, possums, snakes, sloths, and monkeys who can cause power outages and other damages to critical infrastructures. Due to the Line Guard’s spinning rollers, these critters can’t get past the system and therefore cannot access your roof or other important electrical equipment. Critter Guard humanely deters wildlife to keep your power lines and telecommunication equipment safe.

Note that a Line Guard kit is for ONE overhead line. A 4-pack is also available for those needing multiple Line Guard kits in one box. Volume discounts may also be available from the manufacturer or verified distributors of Critter Guard products.

A Line Guard pack includes 2 wheels, 5 rollers, 2 “L” brackets, 6 stainless-steel ties, and 2 conductor clamps. Installation instructions are included; however, we highly recommend hiring a professional power line technician for the Line Guard installation.

Please note

Electricity / Telecommunications wires into a residential property are generally owned by the relevant power utility / telecommunications provider. Permission should be obtained from relevant utility before installation. Also these devices should only be fitted by persons qualified to work on the assets – ie a local electrician.

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