K-Line Insulators Limited

The new K-LINE INSULATORS LIMITED (KLI) Totally Insulated Framing Systems for Transmission Lines (TIF) improves conventional H-Frame Pole and Crossarm construction by using KLI Insulators assembled in innovative and new configurations to perform the Crossarm function.

Typically, Treated Lumber, Steel or Composite Crossarms are used to support Insulators/Conductors on Overhead Transmission Line H-Frame structures. Conventional Crossarms have service life limitations due to wood rot, steel corrosion or fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) deterioration. KLI is introducing TIF designs for Transmission Lines for nominal voltages up to and including 230 kV.

The innovative Silicone InsulArm of TIF, replaces conventional Crossarms and addresses service life limitations and concerns with standard Crossarm materials. Field proven, KLI Transmission Post Insulators, manufactured to KLI’s high standards are assembled to form the Crossarm in a variety of configurations.

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