Emek is manufacturing oil immersed capacitive voltage transformers up to 550kV which is designed with capacitive voltage divider. Emek is capable of matching with international standards and countries special specifications in their designs such as IEC, IEEE, CAN/CSA, AS, NBR. Emek offering has operating temperature ranging –50 – +50 C, 100% moisture resistance, ability to work up to 5,000 m high from sea level and high corrosion resistance in its capacitive voltage transformer designs with porcelain and silicone composite insulator options. Emek CVT’s has ability to work near polluted and heavily polluted areas, heavy industry and production facilities. Operational safety can be facilitated and ensured with optional and standard accessories. Emek CVT’s are suitable for line trap mounting and PLC applications. All Emek products have PCB free design.

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