K-Line Insulators Limited

Safety codes mandate the electrical strength of Guy Strain Insulators have a dry flashover voltage at least twice the voltage to ground of the highest voltage supply circuit with which the guy could come in contact, and a wet flashover equal to the highest voltage between any two conductors. When using porcelain, two or more insulators are usually needed to comply with these requirements. Fiberglass Guy Strain Insulators so located that there is a possibility of contact with the supply conductors are prone to electrical tracking and failure.

Paint coatings are easily removed in handling, and by weathering, and do not adequately protect the rod. Unprotected fiberglass core rod exposed to the elements can fail as a result of brittle fracture. K-LINE INSULATORS LIMITED (KLI) Guy Strain Insulators are protected from the environment including the effects of voltage, ultra-violet rays and acid rain by a fully bonded, electrically track-free, and impenetrable silicone rubber sheath. The electrical and mechanical requirements of the safety codes are easily met by KLI Silicone Guy Strain Insulators.

Each assembled insulator is proof tested, and permanently marked to show the date of test.

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