Heavy Duty Temporary Storage Bund – Storage bund for Medium or Large filled oil Transformers Key strengths

  • Retention capacity up to 100m3.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • High resistance membrane.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low maintenance.


  • High tear strength, puncture and abrasion.
  • Aluminum structure coated with a high-frequency welded reinforced membrane.
  • Geotextile sheets to be placed under the bund to compensate roughness of the ground and into the
    bund to accommodate the material.
  • 1.5’’ Drain valve and safety siphon.

Also available as an option: pre filtering system and wall pipe through to avoid early blocking of the filter. Ensures the lowest level of residual water in the bund in normal operation.


  • Concrete support beams.
  • Load distribution plates.
  • Aluminium walkway to access the transformer inside the bund.
  • Steel grating platform for transformer operation and maintenance.
  • Rolling track to allow a vehicle inside the bund.
  • FILTRELEC® hydrocarbon filter and prefilter.


  • Possibility of complete installation by one of our teams of trained technicians.
  • An on-site pre-installation visit is recommended for large or complex-shaped bunds.
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