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Products for Energy & Power Quality Measurement


In recent times much more emphasis is put on clean power and conservation of energy in buildings.

Janitza Electronics offers you a complete range of power monitoring units with the corresponding software. These units allow facility managers to have more transparency in their energy usage and power quality.

Using Janitza’s range of energy monitoring meters, you have the ability to know how much energy your facility has been using. With this knowledge you can then implement strategies to promote the conservation of energy which will help with savings on your monthly energy bills.
The Janitza Energy monitoring meters all come with various communication for connection to various head-ends such as SCADA, Energy Management Software and Webpage. They all monitor V, I, P, PF, Harmonics and much more.

The Janitza power quality monitors are great for monitoring Voltage Sags/Swells, Flicker, Transients as well as Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Harmonics etc.

Many facilities are having power quality issues which cause equipment failure and breakdown resulting in costly downtimes which can cost the company many millions of dollars damage.

The Janitza Power Quality Analysers will allow you to quickly find the faults and work out ways how they can be avoided in the future, thus potentially saving you a lot of money.