Polywater PowerPatch Transformer Leak Sealant Repair Kit

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Polywater PowerPatch Transformer Leak Sealant Repair Kit

American Polywater Corporation

The PowerPatch® Sealant is provided in a kit containing the surface preparation and patching materials necessary to repair oil leaks
in transformers, SF6 Gas, lead-sheathed cables, potheads and other oil-filled electrical equipment.

Use the PowerPatch® System’s putty stick to block oil and SF6 leaks. Then make a permanent patch with the fast cure, 2-part paste overcoat. Ensure optimal mix and performance with pre-measured packaging.  It is non-conductive and has a dielectric strength of 43KV (ASTM D149).
Power patch seals punctures or cracks in hard to reach areas. Fixes leaks fast. At 70°F, the putty and sealant harden in about 10 minutes.

Repairs made at temperatures as low as 40°F, have a somewhat slower cure.* The finished patch is resistant to transformer oil and sulfur hexaflouride gas (SF6), and has held oil pressures in excess of 100 psi.*Slower cure version available for larger leaks and repair areas.

Preparation is important, and the power patch kit approach provides everything needed to do the job, although in instances of excessive oil leakage or dirt accumulation, separate scrubbing rags such as Grime-Away™ Cleaning Wipes are helpful.

TOOL-50-11 must be purchased separately to dispense the PowerPatch® sealant.

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