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INGESAS IC3 Substation control unit


The INGESAS™ IC3 is a high-performing, highly-reliable and highly-available modular system designed for substation environments, integrating a range of different communication modules.

Features include

  • Redundancy in hot-standby configuration
  • Automatic and user-controlled supervision and switching.
  • Diagnostics and switching control accessible by communications, programmable logic and via display.
  • Integration of dual solutions as a single virtual device.
  • Both the IP address towards the control centre and towards the substation equipment is active in the HOT INGESAS™ IC3.
  • In the event of switching, the IP of the dual solution will become active in the active device.
  • PRP Architecture: In the event of a failure in one of the networks, information transmission is guaranteed by the other network without any delays.

Available Product Range:

  • Automation I/O
  • Substation Control
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