Transmission Silicone Insulators
Dead/suspension 69 to 400 kV

One of the most important items on any overhead transmission line is the insulator. This item is the backbone of the transmission system in minimizing interruptions, outages, and assuring system safety and reliability. Therefore, it is essential to have high quality and dependable insulators on the system. With K–Line silicone polymer transmission insulators these objectives can be easily achieved with a substantial savings in the life cycle cost.

Experience with silicone polymer insulators has proven their superiority over porcelain insulators. Today more Electric Utilities are shifting to silicone polymer insulators to improve overall performance on transmission lines.

K–Line silicone polymer transmission suspension/deadend insulators are manufactured to meet world-class polymer insulator standards, CSA C411.4, ANSI C29.12 and IEC 61109. K-LINE INSULATORS LIMITED is registered to ISO 9001 Quality Systems.


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