Silicone Line Post Insulators for 69kV Overhead Lines

K-Line Insulators has introduced a new silicone line post insulator that is applicable for 69 kV overhead lines. Thisinsulator is designed for installations with high electrical requirements. This insulator features the highly reliableproprietary K-Line silicone rubber that is one piece, injection molded and chemically bonded to a high quality epoxy fiberglass rod.

This insulator will greatly improve the electrical performance of the System, especially in contaminated environments. Insulator contamination is a common problem on overhead lines. The fundamental element for interruptions with contaminated insulators is moisture. Wet atmospheric conditions result in water filming on surfaces and causing leakage currents to develop. On wood structures, leakage currents can cause pole top fires and eventual failures. On steel structures, leakage currents can develop into faults. K-Line’s proprietary silicone material offers the ultimate solution in post insulator applications. Because of its hydrophobicity, this material inherently resists water filming thereby limiting leakage currents. These silicone insulators reduce leakage currents, even when contaminated and require less frequent if any washing. The savings in maintenance costs are added benefits of using K-Line silicone insulators.

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