Distribution Station Post Insulators

One of the most critical assets of an electrical Distribution System is the station. Not only is this asset the heart of the supply to large electrical loads but it also serves many customers from industrial to residential. Therefore, power outages or interruptions due to insulation failures are costly and impact negatively on customer service.

With KLINE INSULATORS LIMITED (KLI) silicone Station Post Insulators these are greatly minimized through improved performance to reliability and savings in the life cycle cost.

Silicone’s hydrophobic property allows KLI Station Post Insulators to electrically outperform ceramic insulators. The lightweight feature of polymer insulators makes them easy to handle and install. The size and fittings of polymer Station Post Insulators ensure that they are compatible with existing Station Post hardware and arrangements. Experience with silicone polymer insulators has proven their superiority over ceramic insulators.KLI silicone Distribution Station Post Insulators are manufactured and tested to world-class polymer insulator standards, CSA and ANSI. K-LINE INSULATORS LIMITED is registered to ISO 9001 Quality Systems.

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